Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I know we are not yet celebrating April Fool's Day, but I love a good prank.  Pranks are on my mind, we are brainstorming at work right now because our boss is about to go on vacation next week and it is our job, our right, to prank the person who will "be in charge."    You know, just to keep things interesting.

Any suggestions?  Thoughts?  The prank concentration has been on wardrobe so far.  We have a dress code at work, and everyone is racking their brains on how to wardrobe prank appropriately.  

We had a friend here in Ohio that was the world's greatest prank-er.  Once, he saved cardboard boxes and created a cubical-sized gingerbread house, complete with window boxes and shingles, for another friend of ours.

Some of my work?  Light weight stuff like rubber-banding the sink sprayer in the kitchen, and switching the sugar and the salt in all the kitchen containers (my Dad was none too happy about that one, but then again I was 12).

Group pranks?  One of my favorites?  We used to have a small group in NC.  Our small group would meet once a week and eat and pray.  After years of meeting we whittled down to a core group of 6 including David and me.  We met every Thursday, and knew each other VERY well.  Jim and Sara, Robin and Keith, and David and me.  Robin and Keith (who were our age) got married.  At their wedding reception they had a photographer that took a picture of each family group in front of a backdrop.  Jim, Sara, David and I decided to mix things up and prank Robin and Keith. When the photographer approached our table Jim and I took Sam and went and stood in front of the backdrop and hammed it up for the camera, posing like we were married.  Next David and Sara took Hannah (Jim and Sara's kids are adults and live out of state) and did the same.  They glamor-shot posed it up for the camera...arms around each other, the whole shooting match.

A few weeks later Robin and Keith came to our house for small group and showed off their wedding album.  They thought it was hilarious that we had wife swapped!

Any thoughts for next week, or April 1st?  I need new material.


NanaGo said...

When one obnoxious boss went away, we piled everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING that was moveable in his office onto his desk. (back before cubies) His chair, trashcan, small rolling file cabinet, ect.
Then there was the time I happened to have a maniquinn for a totally differnt purpose. But I took it to work and put it at the desk of a salesman. It was a very real looking lady maniquinn and you could just see her back when you stood at the front desk. When the salesman came in from lunch me and the "girls" told him that a client came in and we let her sit at his desk. She was REALLY pretty. (yes the salesman was single). He started to strut his stuff as he headed to his office. The look on his face when he rounded the corner was priceless.
I have more but it is getting to long already.

Rita said...

Well an easy one would be to stick to the dress code but to wear everything backwards (like criss-cross, gonna make you jump jump backwards) another option would be to wear the clothes inside out.

Ana's World said...

I work for a police department...and a Commander, a sergeant and our emergency manager were visiting a city in California to shadow their music festival as we were about to start one in our town. It was a blizzard here in our town and the sergeant texted us a picture of them all sitting at the pool and asked us what went better with a Monte Cristo...a beer or a margarita. OOOO we were fit to be tied. We went to the store and got boxes and boxes of tin foil and we tinfoiled everything in his office, including individual paperclips, keys, coins, files, papers, pictues on the walls, air return, his chair...it was great!