Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pant Legs

I got this book the other day (as part of one of those cheesy craft book of the month clubs, don't worry, I ordered all my books, bought my one requirement, then proceeded to quit).  I like Amy Butler's fabrics, and made one of her skirt patterns *the Barcelona* last year, so I thought I'd try out her bag patterns.

I chose the "Tear Drop" bag and decided that I would keep true to my bargain with my sister and use up stuff I had before buying anymore fabric.  I decided to use up some of those pant legs from my post yesterday, and an old skirt of Hannah's, and try to make a purse/bag.  I cut it out today, and I'm pretty sure I have everything, including interfacing, except the magnetic snap.  Oh well, maybe I'll make it with a button or something.

Next week is Spring Break, and I'm off work the entire week (WOOT!) so I will be (hopefully) making purses.  Lots and lots of purses.  That is the plan.  I want to use up my fabric stash and try out some patterns, so they won't be super Amy Butler cute...more trial and error of ease of pattern making.  I'll show my results as they trickle in.  Maybe I'll reward myself with some super cute fabric to make one of the purses for realsies.

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