Monday, March 28, 2011

More Sewing

I sewed one of these cuties this morning...pattern courtesy of Dear Sukie (above photo courtesy of Dear Sukie).  Dear Sukie (see the etsy site) was on Martha Stewart and showed Martha how to make these super cute paper and vinyl wallets.  Find the pattern and directions here.

I won't show you my project because my bobbin thread got all wonky during the last top stitching.  Argh!  My sewing machines give me fits. I am raising a fist in protest.

Basically this is the scrapbook'er and sewers dream.  You sandwich scrapbook paper between clear vinyl and do some very easy sewing.  I am not really great with written direction reading sometimes, and there is one step in this process that I almost busted a neuron on (#7).  I think it all stems from my bad experience during SAT taking.  Anyway, my pattern changes would be these: pop your vinyl in the dryer for a few minutes before sandwiching and cutting because it makes it a tad easier to other tip? use a thinner vinyl than I had on hand.

My mind is spinning with the possibilities now!  Vinyl wallets...vinyl and it!

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