Friday, August 29, 2008


I have decided that a perfect month for me would be: to do a little research (or dig through all my crap and find the stuff I've squirreled away) and find a bunch of crafts/sewing/DIY projects and sit down with ALL the supplies at an arms length and Do.
I have had a bunch of time this week, the week before work officially begins, and have been doing stuff. I LOVE it. Watch videos or listen to books on tape and Do.
Here is one of my projects for the week......................................
they are scrabble tiles that look like real ceramic tile with a little scrap booking paper and special (pain in the butt, hard to find, call 4 different stores) glue. I am now going to drill some holes or glue some jewelry findings to them and make necklaces and other stuff.
My latest favorite blog is called "Folding Trees." If you are into any type of craft, go there and I promise you will be inspired and wish you had months to do some of their projects. Search around their site and look at all the cool stuff! And I LOVE the fact that unlike all the other get rich quick people on planet Earth, like myself, the projects are all free and all the instructions are there or linked. Thank you Folding Trees!

Bubba's Burfday

My baby turned eight yesterday. His day included an apple pie breakfast including opening presents in his underwear. It is really strange, but the last two years we have pictures of present opening, they are in his underwear??

Here he is celebrating at school in the lunchroom, NOT in his underwear :)

Monday, August 25, 2008


H had to watch some of the convention tonight as "extra credit" homework. In the 20 + minutes that we watched can I just say that Illinois is looking better and better? Alexi G. spoke. He is the Illinois State Treasurer at the age of 32. What a hottie!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

I'm kind of a picture person

When I have been thinking about blogging and doing "it" everyday I've decided that I am kind of a picture person. I want a picture on the blog each time I write. Well...this is forcing me to take more pictures too. So it is a win-win situation, right?

Today's picture/s are of the troubles of trampolines. The week before last, I know I need to take more pictures, H spent the night at a friends with a few other classmates. The Mom told me to pick up H the next day between 3:30 and 4:00. At about 3:35 as I was shooing Bubba out to the car my cell phone rings and it is the Dad of the spend the nightee. He asked if I was on my way and I said yes, thinking, jeez did I get the time wrong or something? He then proceeded to tell me that H has had a "little accident." I then hopped in the car and drove, remarkably calm, to their house. Upon my arrival the Dad comes outside and explains what is going on. In retrospect I think he was preparing me for the weeping and gnashing of teeth I was about to encounter. It seems that the girls were dismounting the trampoline and H was the last one off. They were using a plastic lawn chair to get down and when H stepped on the seat it broke (probably from sun and rain damage) and she went tumbling and the chair shredded her knees. All a very random accident. Yes the accident involved a trampoline, but I blame the chair. H just thinks I'm weird because I take pictures of even injuries. She asked if I was going to scrapbook this or something? :)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Happy Birthday to the Cave Man!

I know it is a HORRIBLE picture and the Cave Man is blurred, but here is the Cave Man with his BFF Hannah at her third birthday. Of coarse the two are 11 and almost 11 respectively today. My daughter spent years 1 - 6 being drug around by her BFF, thus the name Cave Man.

Happy Birthday Cave Man! Have a great day!
Love, Us

Friday, August 22, 2008

Almost the Whole Fam Damily

So we just got back from Ohio, where we visited D's brother, his family and D's Mom (Mom is not pictured). Here we all are at the Putt-Putting farm. D's Aunt Debbie and Cousin Paul came from Minneapolis for the weekend. It was the first time they have seen any of us in 5 years or so. We had a great time. B & C were wonderful and hosted all of us at their house for a total of 6 adults, 7 kids and 2 dogs. Not as crazy as it sounds, so and visit your family!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

First Day of School 8/18

On Monday the kids started school. Here are the mandatory first day pictures in front of our front door. D, I know a miracle, actually took them. He is always rolling his eyes when I hand him the camera. Hannah chose to wear a skirt, for the first day of MIDDLE SCHOOL, and D refers to this particular ensemble as the Milk Dud outfit or my new favorite: The Nancy Drew outfit. Hannah just rolls her eyes in the my Dad is a freak way, but he claims he is actually giving her a great complement because Nancy Drew is so classy :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Its been a long time

I know Jennifer, I stink at blogging so far. But...I am going to try harder this time. A new resolution. I often think about pictures I have taken or things I do/create and how I would love to blog about them. So here goes...
This is a before and almost done of my new bonus room built in. D has been working very hard on it and it done with the shell. Now only doors and shelves and such to go. D's prompting to finish is his new tv. He decided to get a new tv, to keep up with the change over in February, so he had to make this gorgeous built in (that and when we go to sell our house our corn row will be different and sell fast). The problem is now I am sad and want to take it with us wherever we go!