Sunday, March 6, 2011

And So On

Today the wife of one of my Mom's cousins (Sharon) contacted me out of the blue via e-mail to try and get contact information for my parents.  This doesn't sound too thrilling, I know.  When I responded to her to pass on the contact info I added in my bit about how I am a picture collecting junkie and I happened to have some pictures of our common ancestors that included her husband and his father...and so on.  To sweeten the pot, I sent her a taste of the ancestry pictures I had on my computer.

When Sharon responded she was thrilled!  She, too, is an ancestry fiend and LOVED the pictures I sent.  She had never seen them before.  So I sent more.  And I e-mailed her more info.  She responded.  She passed them on to more of my Mom's cousins, and so on, and so on.  

Then, she promised she would send ME ancestry pictures of my Grandfather and his parents so I could pass them on.  We chatted via e-mail and discussed family artifacts from when my great grandparents were missionaries in Alaska in the early 1900's.  Sharon seems to know where some more of those artifacts are, and she is willing to share them with me and my siblings if we are interested. Saaaweet.

I know this all sounds weird.  Trivial to some.  But I am honestly THRILLED and can't wait for this new information and new pictures to add to my collection.  Sure, I have genealogy and the info for generations, but the pictures and the artifacts are so exciting!

It is amazing to connect, or open a new connection for sharing ancestry.  Sharon e-mailed ME because I sent out e-mail invites to my Mom's cousins to invite them to a party we had for my parents last summer.  I can't remember the last time I saw this person!  I would say the earliest would have been 20 years ago, easy.  

Here is one of the pictures I sent today.  My grandfather is the skinny guy on the left :)  My Great Grandmother is the lovely woman surrounded by her handsome boys.  Isn't it wonderful?

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