Saturday, March 26, 2011


In my nightly blog searching I came across this site that produces music lyric posters, and I'm in love.  I must have quite a typeface print obsession since I am drawn to this style after I recently bought my Seattle poster?!

You Can't Always Get What You a theme in our house.  Either David or I will start singing the lyrics to this Rolling Stone's song when something is being begged or whined for.  Maybe I'll buy this one?

Then again, the Beatles are always a classic.  Maybe it would be better if I instilled this into my kids heads.

I would love a row of these down the hall to my kids bedrooms.  Classic lyric posters.  

Then there is the other Art attraction of the week.  Samantha French, a painter that studied at the U of Minnesota.  Being a high school swimmer, and a beachy vacation lover I have a strong attraction to this painting...

Vacations, ahhh.  Wouldn't you be thinking about your last beach vacation each time you walked past this painting hanging on your wall?

The problem isn't that I don't know what I want.  Now where did I put that Mega Millions lottery ticket?

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