Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Felt Leaves

During my blog stalking I found this really cute
I tried it and loved it...
the possibilities are endless!
No finishing edges :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I HEART Columbus

Yesterday was my birthday.
I chose to drive to Columbus and walk around for my
BEW (Birthday extravaganza weekend).

We started out at Schmidt's in German Village.
We've (the kids) been addicted to "Man Vs. Food" lately and we had seen an
episode where he visited Schmidt's and ate the Bahama Mama.
Can I just say YUM?

The above picture there is a bed of sauerkraut topped with different sausages (David's plate) and on the side is a dish called potato salad.
Totally looks like cat vomit in real life.
Schmidt's potato salad?

We walked around the Short North and peeked in a few stores, then drove home to enjoy our 1/2 pound cream puff from Schmidt's.

Great! Yes, a full 8 ounces.

A wonderful day with my generous family.


I was walking through JoAnn Fabrics on Friday afternoon and came across my doppelganger! At first I did not recognize her, but as I was waiting in line I understood who she was. I had just hung up my cell phone and her started ringing. Same phone. Same ringtone. As I politely stood in line eavesdropping on her conversation I heard her talking to her husband about a work issue that seemed familiar. Weird. I had just discussed a similar issue with my husband not 5 minutes before. Too polite to turn around I patiently waited until the bend in the checkout line turned 90 degrees and I could take a look at her. As I turned I noticed that she was also wearing: super short dark hair, fitted fleece zip neck pullover, jeans and Dansko's. Her ensemble was pink, including shoes, wear as mine were black...but you get the drift. Here we were...two women choosing to troll the aisles of JoAnn Fabrics on a Friday afternoon with a few minutes to kill.

So do you think I would get along with her? Or do you think that I would hate her because we were too similar?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

August September Catch Up Part 2

Reusable ziploc bag frenzie.

Yes, my kids are the nerds who bring custom
reusable ziploc bags in their lunches.

My baby turns ten.
Have you ever taken a picture of your child and thought, crap!
I can see him as an adult!

First day of 8th grade.

First day of 5th grade.

August September Catch Up

One of the table decorations from the 50th anniversary.
Pictures of my parents printed on vellum, matted, with a tea light.

Chloe's new dog bed made from a pair of David's old jeans and boxers.

Before and after of my childhood cedar chest.

After of my $20 chair from Duke surplus.
Replaced naugahide with yummy grey linen.

June and July Catch Up

When I noticed my friend Jennifer blogging recently, I saw on her side bar that my blog was listed and it had some sad 'ole picture from June up as a recent post. I could NOT stand for that! So...here are some new pictures to catch you up on myblogging/crafting...
H all dressed up for her band concert.
She went from diapers to 18 in seconds.
Hamming as usual.

Vacation of a lifetime thanks to David's parents.
Will always dream of clear waters and white sand.
This is NOT a clip art photo, but an actual vacation/I was there picture!

H FINALLY got her babies.
Chili and Pepper.
Pepper, we find out later, is the perfect name for the little minx.

Beach project for guest bath.
Bought $5.00 frames from Michaels.
Hot glued beachy items and labeled from each destination.

Surprise my parents for their 50th wedding anniversary!

My sister, my Dad and Me.