Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hip to Be Square

A few weeks ago I went into Eddie Bauer and bought a pair of skinny cargo pants similar to this picture, except skinnier.  I don't know why, but today I decided to wear the pants.  I had no major painting projects planned at school, no messy science experiments...seemed like a good day to try out the pants.

The majority of the pants in my closet (except jeans) are from EB.  I wear one or two particular styles (Vashon-old name replaced by Shaw).  They are my go to everyday pants.

I put on the pants today and immediately noticed a difference.  They were skinny.  They fit like I was a teenage boy, except that my underwear wasn't hanging out the top, and they were crotch-y.  You know that extra material at the crotch?  I was pulling at my pants ALL day.  Pulling UP the waist...pulling up the crotch...looking at my legs because the material touched was creepy.  People commented on my tick-ety-ness.  Why would I buy these pants?  To be hip?  Are they in fashion?  No. Shh...I'm cheap.  They were on sale the other day for $10.  Who can't use a pair of $10 pants?  They seem to be all the rage!  Skinny cargos?  Isn't that an oxi-moron?

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