Monday, February 28, 2011

Gratuitous Pet Photos

Because I am a horrible, wicked person, I have to post some gratuitous pet photos.  First up  squirrel torture...

We first purchased this horrible plastic ball for Chili and Pepper a few days after they came home from the breeder.  We originally bought the ball to keep the babies safe from Chloe, and we thought the babies could drive Chloe crazy with it.  I think we tried the ball once, and I had an attack on how cruel it seemed to cram the little boogers in it.  A few months have passed, so we brought it out again to see how Pepe' le Pew would fare, and she loved it!

On to Chloe.  She was getting to be a mangy mutt that could not see her own nose.  She looks pretty pissed in this picture, which cracks me up. Her hair was getting gross and long and the hair on her nose and on her paws was especially bad.

Saturday she went for her day of beauty, and came home form the spa looking like this...

Toe nails done.  Ears plucked.  

Gorgeous as ever.

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