Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sweet Boy

We have a sweet boy in our school that has Down's Syndrome.  This week we found out that he went in to get his ears checked because he wasn't hearing right and they found a brain tumor.  Tomorrow is this sweet boy's I've been doing a little sewing for him.  He loves to take off his shoes because one of my co-workers teases him she is going to tickle his toes...

The book was made out of stuff I already had, except for the grommets and white shoe laces...

(I fuzzed out his name)...and no, I won't show you other pages because I'm not happy with them.  Sorry for the crappy pictures, that's what you get when you are shooting at 10 p.m. I guess.

Maybe now I'll be able to go back to exercising, etc after work now that this is done.
Be thinking of my little friend tomorrow!

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coffee said...

Lovely book. pity boy. How is the boy now?