Friday, March 4, 2011

Should I Feel Bad?

My brother's favorite restaurant in Seattle (or the world) is Dick's Drive In.  I'm not sure if you have ever eaten there, but it your basic hamburgers only, better eat those fries in a hurry otherwise they'll congeal, drive in.

I remember the first time I went to the restaurant on 45th with Matt, he stood out in the parking lot and watched the activity at the counter.  I asked him why we didn't approach and order, and he told me to wait and watch.  Okay, Obi wan.   Matt, observing something I didn't see,  finally said okay and approached the counter and ordered.

After we placed our order and Matt and I were waiting for our food, he told me why we stood and waited.  Cashiers at the Dick's on 45th did NOT have cash registers.  It was part of their gimmick.  Matt stood and waited and watched to pick the dumbest looking cashier, then walked up and rattled off his standard order quickly.  The Dick's employee would calculate the cost of the meal in his or her head and give the total.  The total was different every time.

The reason for this story?  I, unintentionally, picked the dumbest cashier at the fabric store and scored the deals of the century.  Yesterday I walked into a major fabric store and picked out 6 or so things to purchase.   One of the items was a clearance fabric that had a large red sign over it stating that there was an additional 50% off the clearance price.  Score!

When I walked up to the counter to have my fabric measured and cut, I asked the person helping me out to confirm the price of the clearance fabric.  She, after explaining that she had just arrived and she hadn't seen the signs, she then asked a few people about the 50% off sign.  No one knew about the signs.

Anyway, to make a long story shorter, this person helping me at the counter decided that the only way I was going to get my 50% off that item was to ring me up herself.  She waited and saved the  clearance fabric for the last scan and entered in the 50% off.  Suddenly, my total went from $20 to $9 and change.

Shocked, I mentioned this to the clerk.  Three times.  I asked her if she had entered the information in correctly, and she blew me off (she was the one wearing the manager name tag, so I guess I shouldn't argue with her).  I remarked on how drastically the total had changed.   Finally, I paid the lady and walked out with my bag of goodies.  As I was driving home I took out the receipt and scanned it at a stop light.  It was crazy weird to decipher but it became pretty clear to me that she had entered the 50% off button and hit "all."

Am I feeling guilty? Obviously a little.  Did try and alert her to her mistake, yes, albeit unsuccessfully.  Should I feel bad?

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craftykat said...

I think you should only feel bad if you didn't try to draw attention to it. You tried, and yeah, if she's wearing the "manager" tag, what can you do? And I do consider myself a painfully honest person who goes back when I realize I was undercharged for something. In this case, you saw it right away and she was determined that she was right. Alrighty then. :)