Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Have A Dream

Doesn't it sound glamorous that I own more than one home (two homes in two states), don't have to work, live in a B*E*A*U*T*I*F*U*L home in a B*E*A*U*T*I*F*U*L neighborhood, have recently purchased new furniture, and basically get to do what ever I darn well please everyday?

Well, I have a dream that one day that one day I will only own the home I currently live in and I will one day work at a job I like.

Does that sound odd?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

If I Only Had A Brain

I was surfing thru my standard blogs this week and found that one of my fav's had a stunning post. Blogs are weird, it is kind of like legal stalking or something. Anywho...check out Design Mom and her latest blog about her family pictures. Design Mom and her family are about to make a move out of NYC and decided to get family pictures made. Duh. I just moved. What a frickin great idea! A way to remember your time/document your favorite places. I understand that Durham is a far cry from NYC, but the concept is awesome. And Design Mom's sense of style and styling her family? A*W*E*S*O*M*E. I love the colors and props! But would I have the cojones to wear a green sweater and bright blue pleated skirt? I think not.

Friday, April 24, 2009

An Interview

I got an interview. Woo Hoo. I stopped by Beavercreek Christian School, a few miles away, and dropped off my resume yesterday. The Director e-mailed me today and asked me if I was interested in Kindergarten Teaching assistant, and would I like to interview on May 12th?

Yeah! Progress. 5 resumes'. One interview. 7 window valances. Not bad for a weeks work.

Doing the happy dance...


So I reached my goal of applying to 5 jobs this a day. Or in my case two on Wednesday so I can go garage sale-ing this morning in the hoitee toitee neighborhood a few miles away. Don't you think that hoitee toitee neighborhoods should have good loot? I need a file cabinet and refuse to pay $40 at Walmart or Target for a thin metal piece of crap. I am thinking that filing cabinets are like tires or something...impossible to get rid of and filling the land fills.

I could also use a nightstand or something to hold my clock and crap next to the bed. When we moved we put our old bed/bedroom set down in my parents room/guest room and haven't spend the $ to buy a new one. Our mattress is on the floor and we don't have nightstands, which is going to send me to the looney bin. I have a ritual when I go to bed and get up and need to hide all my stuff in a drawer, as well I would like to look over at my clock and have it eye level. NOT look down to floor level. I feel like a poor college student and it doesn't help that the tv in our bedroom is sitting on a milk crate. I know, it all seems insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but a girl's got to have her priorities.

On a happier note, I weighed myself today and am 1 pound away from my old "fat pants" weight/my heaviest ever. Hooray! Not. But I know that I am going to be fine. I have been walking and wii-fit-ing all week, and everyone knows muscle weighs more than fat. I just have to stop shoveling food into the ole pie hole. I think that unemployment has been my downfall. That and trying out the new oven and gas stove.

I have made my own "Mom-Cave" for my stuff, and am really exicted about it. I only spent $25 on a big piece of countertop at IKEA in the as-is department. The countertop is 8 feet or so and I have all my crap set up! Sewing machine...cutting mat...a bookcase with all my fabric. It is a little mish-mash in pieces but I like it and am excited to sew again.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Get A Job

I just hit the submit button for my first job application in the new city. Aaaaa! I applied to a Senior Living Center as a Part Time activities director. I also spent all morning polishing up the old resume' in hopes of submitting it to the local gorgeous bookstore called Books & Co. B & C has openings for a bookseller , but also a FT Assistant General Manager, which ironically I am qualified for (a shocker!) and seems pretty interesting. The only draw back? Full Time. I know my kids are riding the bus now as of today, and suddely old and don't need me...but Full Time???

Bubba is off on his first field trip today, and it is POURING down rain. Like movie rain pouring. And lucky him, it is an outdoor venue to some back in time thingy where you pretend you are in the 1800's. One bright spot is that it is literally 5 miles from our house and so the travel time is small when he will be wet and muddy. I didn't get picked to chaperone, not like I am sad, but I am never going to get involvoed at that stinkin school. I have e-mailed, talked to the principal, etc and everyone is telling me "in a few weeks..."

Hannah woke up late and missed the bus, that she was supposed to be riding for the first time. I made her aggree to take it home, I am sure she is freaking out about it.

More later. Today is our anniversary and I am meeting D for which I am kind of like "can we do it another day? I have stuff to do." Does that sound bad??? I just hate getting in the zone at home and stopping to go do something. I still need to set up my sewing room and the office, and I am SO CLOSE! It is driving me nuts!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009


My dingleberries dressed in their finest dingleballs. The kids, my sister and I took great pleasure in ripping all the hideous curtains down out of our new house. Of coarse my dingleberries decided to do a River Dance, or maybe it was the Can-Can and wear them.

On another "just moved in" has been a week of firsts for me. I know it could be PMS, or maybe my baby is finally not a baby anymore, but I am going thru some sort of Mommy anxiety. Sam has turned into a social butterfly...the words "I love school" actually came out of his mouth...he rode the bus all week by himself...he made gobs of new friends. He rode the bus by himself! Neither of my kids have ever ridden a bus. He asked for directions and got himself to class on his own.

Then there is Hannah. My social butterfly came home from her first day of Middle School and cried. She looked thru her old yearbook and longed for her friends. She won't ride the bus. She is refusing to go on a field trip in May. To her credit her week sucked. She had ants in her locker that consumed her lunch. She got lost, multiple times. She did not know a soul out of 700 students that all looked like they were from Easter Island.

On a happier note she is currently outside with her cousin and two fellow sixth grade girl neighbors. These two neighbors showed up tonight and I practically had to give her flash cards on how to say hello and ask their names and engage them in conversation. She is suddenly socially retarded.

No wonder I don't have a job.

Monday, April 6, 2009

We're Heeeeeere!

I know it has been a blogging. We are here! If you need our new address please e-mail and comments to follow. After a beautiful weekend, I am looking out the window watching it sleet. What can I say? Welcome to Ohio!