Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Strange Job

It's Spring, so of coarse I am sick of my job.  Right before Spring Break each year I think I am thrown into a "this job sucks" mode.  So I start to daydream...what to do?  What to do?

What type of things do I like to do?  Hmmm.  I like eating.  There is always sleeping.  Hmmm, watching t.v.  I like to bake (not to clean up).  I like watching movies.  I like surfing the net.  What kind of job could I get with these mad skilz?  I like looking through other people's crap.  I like photography.  Is there such job as junk sorter?  Picture scanner' for people who need help with their stuff sorting, like after a family member passes away.  What would I call myself?  How could I market myself?


NanaGo said...

Estate Coordinator.Goodwill and Salvation Army has those and I don't mean the people in the stores. At Corp office they do have people that help with Estates that donate whole house full of items and need someone to coordinate the removal. Antique Malls, not just one store, but the larger stores that have many Many consignment items in it.
Just remember that in a down economy non-profit companies had to struggle more and fight for every dollar so you will always feel like your job is on the line. BUT it is a fund job.

teener1416 said...

personal organizer!

they also get to be on TLC for hoarders... you could then also be on TV!

:P don't worry, I get the same way sometimes. I sell on etsy.. www.teener1416.etsy.com to relieve stress.

do you do a craft? you may want to try selling online!