Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dear Depression,

Dear Depression,

Apparently I toyed with a tiny version of you early this week.  That is, my friend Heather told me at dinner last night that I toyed with you, depression, based on my actions.  

This week was Spring Break.  I was off all week long.  Evidently I start toying with depression when my mind is idle. things keep me sane.

So what behaviors of mine constitute a diagnosis of depression from Heather?  Uh...YouTube.  I was describing to Heather that I watched the video of Jonathan and Charlotte and that I cried, albeit only a few tears, because I was so happy for Jonathan.  Since the story broke I've only watched the video 3 times!  Geez.

This kind of depressing behavior segues into me surfing the news sites and finding the story/video of blind dog rescued and given sight that really made me cry and start surfing ASPCA site for dogs to adopt.  WHICH led me to google the video of Christian the know the one reunited with the men who raised him. The lion video ALWAYS makes me cry.

This is the point of the conversation in which Heather stops me and asks me if I was feeling a little depressed this week.  Apparently I watch heartwarming videos on YouTube and news sites when I need a little pick me up.

Thank goodness I am going back to work on Monday.


Friday, March 30, 2012

Dear Grad School,

Dear Grad School,

Thank you so much for kicking my brain into gear.  The first week's grades, 90/89/96, had me encouraged, worried and fearful all at the same time, but the second week?  98/95/100...yeah baby!

I have discovered a love hate with you and your TA, grad school.  The first week the comments left on my submissions were not that great...I need to be more formal...use the APA format (Whoops!).  This week, you ask me why I'm not giving specific examples from my own classroom?  I'm wondering how to be formal and give amusing classroom anecdotes.  

So now I am juggling weekly assignments AND the 25 page research paper, due in a few weeks.  This is why I am missing.  Sorry.

100% kisses,


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dear Mind and Body,

Dear Mind and Body,

What the heck?  You have served me for 42 years, and now you give up?  Let's review.

Last Sunday on my way to church I realize that I have no phone, no purse and I have left the sweater to my ensemble on the counter in the kitchen.  When I get to church and go to get out of the car I realize I indeed have my phone, but it was in my lap so it's now on the pavement.  In pieces.  Then, when it is time to shake hands with those around me, I have a 'moment' and shake hands with the man in front of me.  Twice.

Today I got a bee in my bonnet and drug Hannah outside with me for a run after work.  In the 86 degree heat.  After a long winter.  You can see where this is going.  We died.  My hips are burning in their sockets right now.  It's 8:30 and I am barely awake.

Why?  Why do you fail me?


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dear iChat,

Dear iChat,

Thank you for being the coolest, Jetson's thing ever.  I know, people can video talk on their phones and all that now, but still, iChat, you are pretty cool.

First, you have saved me from a very large, looming, headache.  My 73 year old father has a new Mac and your app has made it so that he can call me and I CAN TAKE CONTROL OF HIS COMPUTER!  Now when he calls me, like last night, and says that he can't get any e-mail, code for "no one has sent me anything," I can jump on his computer and close the 105 windows he has open and make sure his e-mail is still set up correctly.  Woot!

But, iChat, there is a set back.  Is there any possible way that you can design your app to disable the screensaver when the video chat is on?  After "fixing" Dad's computer last night we started video chatting and my Mother joined in.  This is all well and good until my Dad's screen saver changes and my Mother's attention jumps from the conversation to the pretty poppies on the screen.  Except, it's more like I *think* my mother is telling me that they have poppies in the yard....or poppies from the market...since poppies are suddenly part of the conversation, then I realize my Mother is distracted by the screen saver.  This happened 10 times last night!

You see, when you are in your 70's, and self admittedly not very computer savvy, it doesn't occur to you that even though you are video chatting, the person you are chatting with is not seeing your screen, only the direction your camera is pointed.  Oh, there was also the "what a pretty vest you are wearing" comment and my Mother proceeded to start taking said vest off and searching pockets and showing us all the features and tags to the point that my 14 year old asked her if she had any ones.  (Not my proudest parental moment, by the way.)  Hmmm.  Okay, it's not so much a app issue as a Mother issue I guess.

My kids, on the other hand amused themselves by hanging their nose over the top of the camera, making fish shapes with their hands across the screen and showing off their mad photobooth skillz.

Thanks iChat, for all the entertainment!


Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Moment You Realize Your Son Is "That Child"

I walked over to retrieve Bubba from the neighbors house the other day.  It was the first time Bubba had been to the twins house in months as Bubba tends to play withe the twins more in the warm months.

As I walked through their backyard I noticed a large blue X made from painters tape on their screen door.  I didn't think anything of it and walked around to the front of the house and rang the doorbell.  

While having pleasant conversation with the twins Dad I asked if he was painting.  He frowned and said no, and asked why.  I referred to the giant blue painters tape X on the screen door on the back porch.

The Dad chuckled and said that was "Bubba's X."  Bubba's X, I ask?  Yes, we had to put a giant blue X on the back door because if it's not there Bubba runs into it and knocks the screen door off it's tracks.  

Silence.  Oh.  

The twins Dad continued...we've had that X up there for over a year or so, it always makes me smile.