Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Make Good Choices!

I took Hannah to school this morning on my way to work.  She had asked for a ride a few days ago,
and had prepared to leave early with me so I could still make it to work on time.
Her lunch was packed.  Her hair was done (new thing).
It was all very smooth.
Until the conversation.

Me: Do you need a ride tomorrow morning?

Hannah: For what?

Me: Isn't there another Math test make up tomorrow morning?

Hannah: What test?

Me:  What are you doing this morning?

Hannah: A review session.

Me: Is there another tomorrow morning?

Hannah: Another what?

Me: Holy crap, Hannah.  What are we discussing?  The reason why you need to 
be at school early today.  Do you have to be at school early tomorrow?

Hannah:  For what?


Hannah: I have a test tomorrow.

Me: Before school?  I swear, it's like we are playing Who's on First?

Hannah: What?

Me: No, what is on 3rd.

Hannah: I don't get it.

Me: Never mind.

Hannah: I need a ride tomorrow.

Me: Really?  This is exactly what we have been discussing. 

Hannah: I'll call you.

Me: After school?  You need to be picked up?

Hannah: Yes, mother.  Didn't you read the note I gave you?

Me: You gave me a note to read and sign.  That is exactly what I did. 
I read it.  I signed it.

Hannah: You're telling me you don't remember what the note said?

Me: Oh, you mean I am supposed to retain what I read?  No.  

Hannah: (eye roll, gives me the which one of us is the parent look) You're bad.

Me: If I retained the information from every slip of paper you and your brother bring home 
I would not have enough brain capacity to remember how to tie my shoes.
(We pull up to the front of the school.)

Hannah: (getting out) I can't believe you didn't retain the information from the note.

Me: Do you?  It seems like you're pretty confused about the note's information too.

Hannah closes the door and starts walking up to the building.

Me: (in shock that I did not get an I love you, or  even a bye, 
I roll down the window and shout) MAKE GOOD CHOICES!  
(one of our favorite lines from Freaky Friday, 2003)

Hannah laughs and smiles before walking into the building red faced.

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