Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I am not a resolution maker, but I am a conformist.  Every commercial, every print add, every store, everywhere you go, it is all about the diet aides, workout paraphernalia.  
Resolution this, healthy living that.

I am all for healthy living, and am certain my average diet is better than most, but I'm getting older and a week worth of stepping up the exercise regime just doesn't cut it anymore.  
Let's all face it, stuff sags and pants don't fit as well as they used to.
When my brother and I were young(er) we used to ask our Grandma to "show us your muscle."
Our Grandma would make a big show of screwing up her face, making a fist, raising it in the air to tense her bicep, then, at the last second, flip her fist toward the ground and let gravity pull the the loose Grandma skin of her bicep toward the ground creating a huge up-side-down "muscle."
People, I'm getting there now.  

At the beginning of the year (a whole 4 days ago) I, too, put myself back 
on my less sugar/eat healthier diet, oh woe is me, 
and started exercising (just a little) again.  
Basically, I have changed myself into a post Christmas Grinch.

Doesn't matter your religious beliefs or ethnicity, it seems we all overindulge a bit at the end of the year.  Which one of us is not over sugared, over caffeinated, over indulged, over glutened, and now we are being guilted into changing our ways overnight?

It is in my opinion that it should be a National law that each and every one of us should 
take a mandatory handful of ibuprofen
before leaving the house each morning for the next month,
whether it is to ease the pain from our new exercise regime, 
or to calm your junky like jitters from the sugar detox.

Wouldn't we all be a little more tolerant and co-habitable?

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