Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Lunch

I ate lunch with my class today.  We were in the lunchroom alone, and all having a grand time when there was a lull in the conversation around the table.  At precisely that moment in time I glanced down the table and saw two boys talking.  And what did I hear?  Two words.  Said rather loudly. One of them said "BIG NIPPLES."

I caught the eye of the blabber mouth, a.k.a. Johnny, and motioned for him to come over to my side.  He ever so slowly got up and, dragging his feet, came and stood next to me.  Johnny arrived, and knowing full well what he said, I asked him what he and his friend were talking about.  "Uh....body parts," he responded.  I asked what words he had used and he told me the two I was searching for.  Confirmation.  I told him that we don't use those words in school and he needed to be careful about sharing words with his friends, (he got in trouble two weeks ago for ASS) and I asked him to stop.  He returned to his seat.

Lunch continued and there was another lull in the conversation when I hear the "V" word from that same end of the table (didn't want the Google backlash with the real word).  Before I could get the child's attention he told his friend, "No you're one," and his friend countered by saying that Johnny was one.  I got up and removed Johnny from the situation before the va-jing-jang popped back into the conversation.

I asked Johnny what he had said this time, and he wouldn't fees up, so I told him that he needed to be silent for the remaining 5 minutes until we got back to class.

When we arrived back at the room I shared with my fellow teacher the events of the last 30 minutes.  And joy of joys, we got to write a note home to tell Johnny's parents the actual words used.  I LOVE writing porn to my parents.

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Kelly said...

just came across your blog and am laughing at your writing. Love it :)