Saturday, January 29, 2011


This morning David asked Bubba to go take out the trash and the weeping and gnashing of teeth began all over again.  This child does NOT like taking out the trash.  Oh well.  Bubba started hyperventilating that David meant he needed to take out the bathroom trash and flung himself on the couch and started to weep.  So, David added that chore onto his original intent of taking out the kitchen trash.  All this because of last week's bathroom trash incident.

Sometime after the yelling ceased (David) and Bubba disappearing to pick up the trash I walked upstairs to get something.  I find Bubba coming out of his bathroom wearing bright blue nitrile gloves and carrying a garbage bag full of trash.  I started to laugh.

Where'd you get the gloves? I asked.  Bubba shrugged and answered, The orthodontist's office.  

You see my kids have this HORRIBLE habit.  When they walk into any room with a box of gloves, for example a lab, a dentist's office, a hospital room, a doctor's office, they think that they need to stuff a pair in their pocket for later, or better yet, wear them everywhere for the next few hours.  The weirder the glove color, the better.

Bubba, remembering his most recent acquisition at the orthodontist's office on the 20th, happily took out the trash this morning.  David made the comment later that we needed to "get" a box for Bubba for future chores.

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