Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Virus and Narcolepsy

Bubba came home today and as we were talking about his day, getting a snack and unwinding he mentioned that his friend and our neighbor Jon "liked" a girl in the fifth grade.  Not really caring or paying attention, I moved on to the next subject.

An hour or two later Bubba brought up, out of the blue, that if he had to choose someone in the fifth grade, he would choose Mackensie.  I froze.  Dear sweet baby Jesus.  Did my 10 year old just say that he liked a girl?  What is going on in this house?  

I asked Bubba why he chose Mackensie and who asked him the question, why did this come up?  He said that he chose Mackensie because she was smart smart, not dumb smart, and she was nice.  (I liked his answer, but Mackenise is also on his rec soccer team so I am sure that had nothing to do with it.)

Is there some love bug that hits a household like a virus?  This is crazy.

Since our car accident I've been going to Physical Therapy twice a week.  My neck pain has disappeared, and my range of motion is getting better and better with my exercises, and the E-Stim, an electrical stimulation that my therapist rubs over my back to get my muscles moving.

The last few sessions, my therapist has added a neck alignment massage.  I lie on my back and "relax" while my therapist warms my problem areas and they manipulates them to realign them.  The massage and alignment is my favorite part of therapy.  It's like going to get a short massage twice a week, without paying for it, and I get to lie down for fifteen minutes in the middle of the day without any guilt.

I am a very easy sleeper.  So it is no shocker that I fell asleep in today's therapy session.  A crazy, lost fifteen minutes of my life, snoring sleep.  I was pretty embarrassed when I finally woke up.  Hey, she told me to relax.  I was just following orders.  

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