Friday, January 28, 2011


David and I decided that we would try and start getting rid of "stuff" in 2011 and downsizing a bit (which is a complete laugh).  One of our purging kicks this week has been to download ALL of our cd's onto our hard drive and get rid of all 200+ discs.  We NEVER buy discs anymore, we exclusively download from itunes, it's so easy.  So far, we have listed 70 discs and sold approximately 30 ish (things change by the minute).  

David's task is to download everything and mine is to list and ship.  He got the WAY better job, but who is complaining?

My shock is that people actually want this stuff, and they want it on discs!  We are listing every cd ever purchased so there is some great stuff on the listings...Billy Ocean, MC Hammer?, Dire Straits, Robbie Williams (I know! I can't believe I'm getting rid of them), Yanni (thank God!) and the list goes on.  So being the competitive nuts we are, it has become a competition to see who's discs are selling first.  David is claiming that he has/had the better taste and his discs are selling before mine, which they aren't.  

As I see our sales increase I start pitching the idea that we are saving on space if we replace all these discs, all this plastic, with a really nice pair of black leather boots in a  ladies size 10.  He is arguing that we should spend the money on programming books or some other dumb nerdy stuff he needs for work.  We'll see how much the grand total is, maybe we could buy both boots and books.

The bad part?  Suddenly David has rediscovered all this music he hadn't listened to in ages, so every time we are in the car together I'm subjected to such atrocities as Van Halen...John Denver...Milli Vanili...the Carpenter's...and Yanni.   Yes, he is such a girl sometimes.

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