Friday, January 21, 2011

Best Two Out of Three

Remember how I was making progress towards NOT becoming my mother?  Well, I took a huge step backward today.

We had ANOTHER snow day today and Hannah invited Mo, T and J (her other best girlfriend) over today to hang out.  Our house was chosen because it was the only house occupied by a parent, thirteen year olds aren't allowed to cook at home without a parent and it was suspiciously close to lunch time.  The kids disappeared into Hannah's room as soon as they arrived, which was fine by me, and I went to my studio (basement grotto) and started cleaning, painting and finishing up some projects strewn about.

After eating copious amounts of food the four teens descended into the basement to play pingpong.  The pingpong table is roughly two feet away from my studio through a two by four stud "wall" that has zero wallboard attached.   I could have played with them.  Bubba came down in tow, playing the part of the pesky little brother and put on a pair of roller-skates to pass the time on the cement floor.  Not two minutes later Bubba hit his head on the weight bench and fell flat on his back on the floor only to be ridiculed by the teens.  I took him upstairs, and out of sight, to calm down and  regroup.

When I arrived back downstairs, 10 minutes later, this is what I find:

I take Hannah back upstairs, away from her friends, and ask her what in the hell happened.  Hannah claims that someone (pretty sure it was Mo) kicked a ball (totally permissible in the basement) and it hit the insulation, knocking it down.   Let me interject to say that this insulation is stapled to the beam every half inch.  

HERE IS WHERE I TURN IN MY PARENTS.  I start into my rant:  if you want to have friends over, you need to make sure they are acting appropriately in our house...I have better things to do than to spend my time and money on repairing this mess...did you come and tell me right away that this happened, no...just wait until your father gets home...sure, tease your brother so I pick up the pieces of his shattered little heart...I sounded EXACTLY like my mother.

My 'cool mom,' let's go hang out at Hannah's house stock just dropped about 10 points.  Parenting: two steps forward, one step back.

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