Monday, January 31, 2011

Another Day In The Life

Hannah came home from spending the evening with her best friends Mo and T.  They had been "playing" in the basement over at Mo's house.  When Hannah walked in I noticed she was wearing a different outfit from the one she left the house in hours before.  I, being a girl, made the conclusion that since Hannah had left our house wearing a sweater with a cami underneath, she probably borrowed a shirt from Mo when she got overheated.  David did not.

David: Who's shirt is that?
Hannah: Mo's.
David: Why are you wearing it?
Hannah: I got hot.

(see?  I was right)

David: Where did you change?
Hannah: (puzzled) In the basement.
David: At any time, was your shirt off in front of T?
Hannah: NO!
David: Are you sure that is Mo's shirt?
Hannah: Yes!
David: Was Mo in the room when you changed?
Hannah: No!  Geez Dad.  I borrowed her shirt.
David: Did T "borrow" (air quotes)  a shirt too?  Was his shirt off at any time?
Hannah: No!  

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NanaGo said...

Oh. . . The "DAD" interrogations have only just begun. After 4 daughters (who are all in their 30's now) "Dad" has perfected the art. Can't wait to train the son-in-laws on the fine art.