Friday, January 14, 2011


Today the kids had an early dismissal because it was the end of the grading period.  Hannah was home playing wii when I asked her if she was going to invite friends over or if she had plans.  She said no because Mo was at basketball.

I saw the opportunity and took it (uncharacteristically) and asked what T was doing this afternoon.  Apparently she and T were texting each other (crap) and with my prompting (see? I'm not like my mother), she invited T over to play wii with her and he accepted.

T showed up at the door a few minutes later (did I tell you that T lives a few blocks away?  And, unrelated, we are installing bars on all our windows and doors?)  Bubba ran out to see who was at the door and he said to his friend, "Oh, it's my sister's boyfriend."

I started to hyperventilate.  So this is it? Do Hannah and T think this?  I regain my composure and smile and welcome T into the house and ask if he'd like a brownie.

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