Monday, January 24, 2011

My Life Is A Comic Strip

Bubba bounds off the afternoon bus today and excitedly drops a bomb, "That thing...Dad was wrong.  I'm supposed to have it for her by tomorrow."  What??

My brother has a Zits comic strip on the side of his refrigerator.   It reads something along these lines...Jeremy calls to his Mom, "Mom, I need to bring food to my class tomorrow."  

"When did you find out about this?" His mom asks while looking through the cupboard, "I think I have a box of brownies."  

Jeremy responds, "Uh, I got the assignment last month, and I have to bring a native Ecuadorian dish tomorrow."

As soon as Bubba finished his above statement I immediately thought of the comic. 

Let me go back in time to Friday, our snow day.  David was trying to motivate our children to get ahead in their schoolwork and the subject of Bubba's impending Science Fair arose.  David asked when the Fair was and what Bubba's project was.  Bubba had some lame, didn't know his stuff, Logorrhoea that took an hour or so to muck through.  

Basically, he didn't know what in the heck was going on. He couldn't say when the project was due, or what it was.

Back to today.  Bottom line.  Bubba has to come up with a Science Fair idea, execute said idea and have the raw data to his teacher by tomorrow.  He has had weeks to prepare, but he has waited until the last possible second.  

Here is where I want to look at Bubba and say, "What the f***?"  Instead, I say, "Call your Dad."


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