Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Main Reason I Do Not Weigh 800 Pounds

In the state of Ohio there is not one decent Donut store. 

My father and I were having a conversation in the car over Christmas about Donuts.  We were discussing that there are all these up and coming fad food stores bringing retro back or selling crazy food items such as deep fried pizza, or stores that only sell cupcakes, but no one can make a hot fresh donut.  The American icon.

Why can’t anyone make a decent cake donut?  Ever since I was a Kindergartener, refusing to attend school because it interfered with my donut routine, it has ALWAYS been about the hot, fresh cake donut with the icing and sprinkles.   My favorites?  The Lakewood Donut house in Washington, which has gone to the dirty people, the Fractured Prune in Raleigh, which went out of business, and for some strange reason the Shell Gas Station on Agate Road in Shelton Washington.  They have the best darn donuts anywhere. 

When a Donut store pops onto my radar we stop.  It doesn’t matter if we have just eaten Thanksgiving dinner at the Whitehouse, we are stopping to try a donut if the store is open, and clean.  In November we had to drive into a foreign neighborhood to pick up something for David’s car.  We had planned the activity for a Saturday morning and by chance had Googled the neighborhood and found a local Donut establishment.  Saturday morning rolled around and we drove to the new Donut place, walked in, saw the flies buzzing around and laying babies in the cased donuts and grossed out.  We each ordered one donut (there was only one type) paid the jovial (but filthy) man his $2.20 and walked back out to the car making sure to keep the bag tightly closed. David was freaking that the flies would get out and lay sugar coated babies in his car. We stopped at the local, very clean Panera, because we were about to eat an appendage, and on our way into the store threw the still tightly closed bag into the trash outside.

After visiting my parents over Christmas, I understand from where my sickness stems.  Every donut store we passed, we had to stop if it was open (and clean).

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Ex-Cutter said...

lol looooved this blog...sooo reminded me of my family!