Friday, January 14, 2011

My Diet Isn't Going So Well

For Christmas Hannah received a gift card and all the tools to take
a cake decorating class at Micheals.

My diet isn't going so well.
I wonder why?
Maybe because she dropped her "take to class to decorate" cake on the kitchen floor
last night about 4:30, before her 6:30 class.  We made two more lickety split.
Maybe it is because she likes to practice.

Hannah came home last night with a cake that looked similar to 
the one pictured above.
After watching Duff on Ace of Cakes
she is a little disappointed with her "old lady cakes."
She claims she can't make those swoops around the side pretty because
she "always has a seizure."

It probably didn't help that I couldn't recognize the decoration
on her cake when she got in the car last night.
I thought it was a butt, and was about to give her an earful on manners,
but it turns out it was two hearts that kind of ran together.

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