Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A LITTLE Awkward

I met this really nice woman named Carol today.  We were talking about life and the subject of our kids came up.  She asked how old my kids were and I answered, and she made the comment that I seem to be making more and more...wow, I am going to have a high school aged kid and a middle school aged kid next year.  I laughed, made the joke about being a basket case, and Carol prattled on about how good the local high school was and all about the teachers, and how many extra curricular activities there were, then I suddenly realized that she is talking A TON.  Like WAY TOO MUCH.  Suddenly I realized that  I was standing there topless, flapping in the wind.

Seriously.  All of the sudden I say to Carol, "Wow, you are so sweet, but I am a TAD bit uncomfortable right now, not to seem really harsh, but can you talk and do this at the same time?"  Carol giggled and very sweetly apologized and positioned me on the mammogram machine.  I went on, "I love my kids and talking about them, but it hit me all of the sudden that I realized one of us didn't have a shirt on.  And it was me."  

It is kind of a weird feeling.  Walking around that room, even though it was 75' and balmy, topless.  But I did my over forty thing, and went and got squished today.  And a HUGE shout out to my new BBFE (bestest boob friend ever) Carol.  I walked into the Mammogram lab today at 12:49 and was walking out to the parking lot by 1:17.  Wow. 

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