Friday, October 31, 2008

Isn't It Purty?

I've been home all morning working on the house and "styling" it so I could take some pictures for the MLS. I am trying to convince D that we should put the sign in the yard tonight when all the trick-or-treaters are out roaming the streets. He doesn't want to because he thinks they'll call and we won't be ready.
The top one was the study, this one is of the back yard.
Aren't bedrooms boring?
My artsy bathroom picture.
Trying to be artsy in the living room...
And I had to hide the hole in the island (where the outlet used to be before we tore up the floor) with the chair. Can you tell?
Man! Rooms are so hard to take pictures in.


Jennifer said...

It looks great!

Susan said...

It looks suitably non-personalized. Good luck!!