Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Oooo...she's in tru-bull....

We are leaving for Washington DC tomorrow morning, if I haven't already mentioned that a BILLION times. Today, my darling daughter was going to spend her entire Science period discussing the do's and don'ts of the trip with her primary chaperone the 6th grade Science teacher.
My daughter gets in the car and I ask her for the itinerary. She says she has it (before I pull away from the curb) and tells me she give it to me later. We get home. I ask for the itinerary three times and she does not respond. I FINALLY go upstairs and start rifling thru her bag and she fesses up that she has lost it. I start yelling...weeping and gnashing of teeth...I help her itinerary. I tell her calmly that I don't even know when and where to meet the bus to drop her off in 12 hours...I have no idea what I can and can't bring into the buildings (I am assuming that the Capital building has some no-no's...firearms...hand sanitizer...etc just like an airplane?) and I have no idea even what buildings we will be touring at what time. I am freaking out!
So I call the school. No answer. I call a friend. No answer. I look the teacher up in the phone book. No number. I am a little scary at this point. I tell my daughter that I am a control freak and don't want to look like an idiot and would appreciate having all the information that the other parents are receiving.
Finally my friend calls back and tells me she is at the school picking up her daughter and will go on a hunt for me. Multiple teachers, hunting thru school...she finds a fellow 6th grade parent with a copy that she can xerox. She calls back telling me that she has the 4 page packet of information (yes, 4 pages, the night before we leave...come on people!) and that she will be wonderful and drop it off for me.
When she arrived I told her she saved my daughter's behind. Figuratively and literally.


Jennifer said...

Have a great trip!

lola said...

I've said it before, I'll say it again...middle school children truly do lose brain function for a time. A teacher once told me that there is some loss of function between the two lobes of the brain for awhile. I may not have it all straight, but I know that my kids certainly did (and there is a possibility that some of them still haven't regained that function!!) YOU WILL SURVIVE!!
Have a great time!!