Wednesday, October 8, 2008

No pictures please.

Sorry, no pictures. Because I am A. too lazy to go and get my camera and take one and 2. I couldn't find any on the site. Yesterday I ran to Target to get something for preschool and an item for Bubba to put in his classroom's Silent Auction basket. The theme of the basket is "Scrapbooking." I know that Target isn't where one would usually go to get scrapbooking things, but I was in a "I only want to go to one store" mood.
In the dollar section of the store I found VERY cute packs of sports themed papers, including volleyball-which I NEVER find, chipboard letters and shapes for said pages and some SUPER cute mini albums. The mini albums our store carried were (a dollar-duh) and the kind where they have a cute cover, a few pages, then a little ribbon to tie the thing together.
My sister is the queen of the mini album for my kids. Every time they come to visit she would make them a mini album about their trip to look at on the way home in the plane and to show all their friends. (My kids always cry on the way home). Bubba still has his from years ago and they are still looked at almost weekly. They are a little tattered, but that is okay.
So I bought a few mini's for myself to stash when I need something for my mom or for a cute little gift.

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Susan said...

I'm gonna have to check those out. Thanks for the tip!

Do you have Michael's out there? They have $1 bins now too. Great place to get stocking stuffers or what the heck are we going to do on this day off from school days.