Monday, October 27, 2008

Sniff....sniff...she's getting old

Can you believe that she is Eleven today? What a beautiful girl. We have been
battling the "I'm tired of yelling at you, your tired of listening to me" fights lately. Ever have those days that you feel as if your only communication is to yell? Pick? That is us right now. When I look at the picture I ask myself why? Are you crazy? She is beautiful, smart, has a wonderful, giving heart and everyone loves her.


Jennifer said...

Oh my. Happy birthday! And to think I remember your first birthday. Man, I feel old. Cave boy sends his greetings.

Susan said...

She is indeed a smart and beautiful girl! (She takes after her mom like that!)

Happy Birthday H!! I was thinking of you on Sunday by the way. There was a little boy by us at church and he had a patch over his eye. Reminded me of how scared you were of B's patch and what might be under there...ask your mom to tell you that story!