Monday, October 27, 2008

My Cookie Man

Bubba had a project due today. It was a cookie bake-off/contest.
Each 3rd grader brought in a batch of their favorite cookies, decorated their desk with a theme, and entered their cookies in a category to compete in. S and I made my world famous Melting Moments renamed to "Bony Moments" by S ( I didn't even going to go into the weird connotations the name may suggest). He made them in the shape of small dog bones and frosted them. I ponied up and sewed him a dog bone table cloth and apron, he made a chef's hat with dog stamps on it, and I bought two dog dishes to serve the cookies in. Here he is after the contest, posing in our dining room. He took home "Best Small Cookie" awards, but claims that he won every category he entered because his were the favorite cookie, but the teacher had to give some of the awards to the other students. Humility? Maybe they teach that in the fourth grade.

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Susan said...

mmmmmmmmmmmelting mmmmmmmmmmmoments

(there's drool on the keyboard)