Monday, October 13, 2008

Fat Greasy and Happy

I am nursing a food baby, a greasy ring around my lips and horribly bad breath as we speak. Tonight D had a bee in his bonnet and had to have Red Robin for dinner. I prepped and thought about what I was going to have, psyched myself up to eat healthy and get my diet moving since only one pair of pants (capris-thank God it is still 80 here) fits currently. I got to RR, sat down and looked at the menu, which I have memorized and started to make my decision. Apple/goat cheese salad, French onion soup with a side salad, a terriaki banzai burger? No, I freeze when I see this French dippy special with garlic fries and cave. I felt I needed the red meat-don't ask-I can justify my food anyway I see fit. JH will understand-shark bait.
We haven't been out to dinner/lunch in ages (not counting the pretzel and other fast food in Washington DC) and I caved! I sat there and only ate half my sandwich, but consumed all the greasy fries. Now I have a food baby (see the movie Juno) and I am a groaning greasy mess.
And No. We have not decided on Ohio. Yes, I do realize it is closer to MN and IA and WA-yahoo!!! But we heard some good feedback today from D's current boss, so things are moving forward. I will let you know as soon as I do.

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Susan said...

Ummmm Red Robin. So very easy to be bad. And when you're being bad, it's really really bad.

As for the move, do what's best for you. I will love you in NC or OH. Still praying the right path is clear.