Friday, October 24, 2008

To All You Evil Polictial Phone Solicitors...

I have already freaking voted. I happen to live in a state that has early voting, and my favorite local library, that is less than a mile away from my home, offers two weeks of early voting. So why are you still calling me 6 times a day? Stop calling me.
I find your new tactic of using a residential name and telephone number listing on my caller id particularly frustrating and deceitful. Stop calling me.
Every person that I come in contact with during the coarse of my week has already voted, every friend and co-worker has also already taken advantage of the early voting as well. Heck, one local establishment offers "in car" voting for the elderly and disabled. Even my disabled and elderly friends and parents of friends have all voted. So why are you still calling me and running incessant ads 24/7 as well as sending me at least 3 pieces of political junk mail in my mail each day? Stop bothering me!
Don't you understand that I vote on policy, but when you bother me to the point of stalking me I tend to want to vote for your opposition because I hate you so much?
I promise, when I move, I will never again register to vote as "undecided party." I think there should be a disclaimer below that box stating that you get twice as many calls and pieces of junk mail when you check this box.
I already know I voted for the winner in the Presidential race. Woo hoo!

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Susan said...

I'm registered independent and I don't get much.

I did get the Rudy Giuliani robocall though but I hung up on him pretty quickly.