Saturday, October 18, 2008

Maybe I am A Little...Goal Oriented?

I know, more blogging about goals and accomplishments. Why am I such a freak that I measure my day and it's success by how much I did?
Today I weeded (with the help of the kids who did an AWESOME job) all the flower beds, spread 8 bags of bark (mulch to you Southerners), weed-eated everything in the yard, cleaned out all the weeds from around the AC unit and BBQ area, DE-caulked the master bathroom, cleaned the baseboards in our room, closet, and the upstairs hall, changed all the furnace filters, and cleaned a portion of the garage to store my new free Craigslist boxes.
My husband? Worked in the lab from 7 - 11, then got home, ate lunch and worked on a Sudoko, then went to work in the garage. He came in to the bathroom where I was de-caulking really excited at about 3:00 pm. He wanted to show me his progress on the bonus room media center doors. I stopped what I was doing and walked upstairs with him to see ONE, uno, ein, decorative door hanging in front of the tv. He looked at me and said, isn't it cool? (It is frosted/etched glass in a solid wood frame.)
And do you know what I thought? Said? Wanted to say? What the H*E*C*K have you been doing all day in the freaking garage??? He looked at me expectantly and I said I really liked the design, which I did. He sighed and asked what was wrong because I wasn't very excited by his door. What I wanted to say/scream/sob was...can you stop being so freaking perfect about this stupid media center that is in a house we are trying to sell and put some damn doors on those cupboards?
Later, now, I realized that he needed the time to work some ideas out, and he is not a psycho goal oriented person like me. What is my problem? D is right. If the media center is done right and is a great design, it could make our house sell faster.

Crazily yours,


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Susan said...

Just so long as it ALL gets done and done on time, that's all that matters.

Make sure you take pictures of his doors, all that work for someone else, you should have something to remember it by!