Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Waxing Matilda

It has been my goal in blogging to start showing off projects and sharing ideas with everyone. Here is what we did today. Waxing leaves. Waxed leaves are *supposed* to last from year to year and preserve the leave color. I took a cheap candle I bought at Michaels (yes, Susan, we do have Michaels :) and placed it in a disposable pie plate on the stove on low. I don't know what you'd do with a gas stove or a stove with burners, my stove is smooth surface so I didn't have to worry about spilling wax and making a huge mess. FYI: I tried melting the candle in the microwave and it didn't fact I melted the bowl handle!

Then Bubba and H collected leaves and started dipping them in the wax. I was a little leery at first, but the kids handled it well and never got burned. Bubba even dipped fingers at one point (without touching the pan). We dipped the leaves then laid them out on waxed paper (good side up) to dry. Drying didn't take long...maybe less than 2 minutes.

The leaves are real pretty. I used them in my dining room table arrangement with some pumpkins from Michaels I bought on clearance last year, and super cute mini pumpkins/bats/crows/corn cobs I bought at Moon's craft store in Rochester before they closed. I think I paid 10 cents for a pack of these mini things. Super cute.

Here is the close up.


Susan said...

Cool! Glad you have Michael's too...I wasn't sure how far they reach...I've mentioned them on message boards and people in other states were confused, so I thought I'd better ask! :)

Jennifer said...

That looks great. What color was the candle?

Careless said...

The color of the comment was "gingerbread." I was hoping that the color wouldn't effect the leaves, and it didn't (altho the color was a nice light brown-I wouldn't use fuschia) . I just liked the smell of the gingerbread best.