Friday, October 10, 2008

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Sorry I have been off the radar. D got a job offer yesterday and it is consuming me/us and I wanted to call Lola and tell hr over the phone before she found out on the blog. She claims she is always the last to know. Which isn't entirely true.

D interviewed for a job in August near his brother and Mom in Ohio. He found out yesterday that he got it and they want a decision on Tuesday. They "had to wait until the end of the fiscal year" before telling/offering him the position. The crappy thing is that D also just got a job/one year research faculty where he currently is. So the conundrum is do we stay or do we go? His big argument is that the housing market is crap and we'd have to sell our house for him to start in January...yikes! And I don't have a job/prospects for Ohio so that means that our income would actually decrease. Throw the kids into the mix and we are sweating bullets and tossing and turning.

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Susan said...

Can you demand that the new job deal with the housing (they buy it if it doesn't sell in a certain time?) as part of the deal?

Is cost of living less in Ohio? Could that compensate for the loss of income (probably only temporary though, I'm sure you'd find something) for you?

When we made the change, I was not happy happy because it was hard to say goodbye, but I am glad we did, especially as I hear pf more and more IT jobs vanishing. My D was on shaky enough ground as it's better this way.

That said, our D's jobs are hardly comparable.

I'll pray for you guys. Good luck. (And um...Ohio is much closer to me...not that you should decide based on that or anything! ;) )