Wednesday, October 29, 2008


It has been a shock to learn that my sister of 39 years, who is the queen of multitasking cannot do anything else while talking on the phone. I have personally seen her make a four coarse meal for her family, feed her grandson, bake cookies, answer the door and let the dog out simultaneously, but the other day I was fabric shopping while talking to her and it blew her mind. I do everything while talking on the phone! She admitted to me today, while she was talking to me, that she had been trying to clean while talking on the phone and ended up just carrying the sponge around with her :)
Isn't it strange to learn something about your sibling after so long? Or did I know that and just forgot it? My memory stinks.
My hurdles? I seriously cannot broil anything without burning it. I am distracted too easily. I know there are a ton of things...
So here is a question...what can't you do?

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lola said...

It must be a genetic thing...I absolutely CANNOT broil anything without burning it.