Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Complain about my neighbors

I know I am a pill, but I am going to complain about my neighbors. In fact, I blame my absence from the blogging world completely on them.
Would you like their address?
So the issue...wireless routers. I have been scamming wireless from my neighbors for months...years. And now, in the last week, my neighbor who is a pediatric nurse and going to school, so it's not like she's using her internet, her boyfriend has moved in. And guess what? He password protected my, I mean her, internet connection. Ooof. The gall!
The really crappy thing? I actually have internet service. But it is Cat 5 (plug your computer into the wall). So now I have to spend $50 and buy my OWN wireless router and so I am back up and running in the blogging/surfing world.
Aren't I lame???


Jennifer said...

Don't buy one. We just upgraded. I bet Rob will send you our old one.

Susan said...

This makes me laugh and laugh!

Poor Cara...glad you got yourself up and running.

Please pop into my blog, I will grant you access!!