Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Robo Mom

I was going to go all techno girl on you and photoshop my face on Robo Cop's body, but my neck hurts too bad for the effort. My neck pain is back again, I usually go thru this two to three times a year, and I am Tylenol/Advil-ing myself through the day. Now I am, as D loving refers to my condition, Robo Cop. You know, the kind of person that can't turn to see something beside them without turning their whole body? My neck doesn't work. And believe me it is not fun. Maybe it's 'cuz I had stress puppies at work yesterday? After my crazy long Dental appointment with Bubba was done and I was FLYING across town to get to work (and stopping for the mandatory post-dentist patient milkshake) I walk in the door at work and "lice girl" is sitting on the floor outside my office. The accompanying teacher looked up at me like "here we go again." So I got to play phone tag with the physician that deemed her "lice free" that morning and wrote me a note stating so, and talking to caretaker again and breaking the bad news. This in the midst of all the other usual day at preschool crap. Neck pain? Yeah, it could be stress. Tomorrow's the kids burfday (another southernism) party after school and I am picking up 14 kids from school in the church van to supervise, make sure they don't kill each other, for 2 hours. Quite possibly stress related neck pain.

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