Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Better Day

Today was a MUCH better day. No lice. No psycho parents. I actually sat at my desk and worked! SO since there is not much to report for the day I will send along pictures of my weird children doing their homework this afternoon (yes, Bubba has more than one shirt, but we always seem to take his picture in this particular green soccer shirt) and regale you with an interesting lunch conversation we had on Sunday.

First, I got my camera battery charger in the mail yesterday (the high point of the day) so I have the use of my camera again! So I picked it up this afternoon and started taking pictures of my kids to make sure it worked. Here is what happened:

Sorry they are all "vertically" I need to figure out the upload thing.

After church on Sunday all four of us sat down to lunch. For the last 3 or 4 months D and I have made our kids stay in for the sermon rather than leaving for children's church. We had started a new sermon series on "Marriage" and suddenly Bubba makes the statement: "It is a sin to lay with someone you are not married to." Well, D practically spit out his food and H started cracking up. D then made the comment about how Liberal we were. Very calmly ( D and I work pretty well together most of the time, if he is loosing it I am pretty calm and vice versa) I ask "Does that mean if I fell asleep on the couch next to..." and H and D both chime in "Uncle Mark" (I guess Uncle Mark falls asleep on the couch a lot)...so I asked again, "If I fell asleep on the couch next to Uncle Mark, does that mean that I am sinning?" Bubba kind of looked and me and smiled and said no. D finds his voice again at that point and asks Bubba if Mom fell asleep next to Uncle Mark on a bed if that was a sin. Bubba didn't know what to say. So we launch into the sex talk and I ask Bubba if he knows about sex and has any questions. Bubba then tells me he knows all about sex and gets all embarrassed and says an emphatic NO!

I let it go and remind him that both D and I are available if he does and if he's more comfortable with talking to D alone it wouldn't hurt my feelings...yadda...yadda...yadda, trying to be all "Walton's" with him. Bubba then changes the subject (yes, there is more) by blurting "Dad broke up with someone once because she didn't have boobs."

Well that was a show stopper. D starts laughing (I guess he'd never stopped) and claims that Bubba has a wonderful memory. So H and I start giggling while D explains. D tells us all that when he was in the 6th grade he broke up with Larisa Something-or-other because she did not have boobs and D had seen all the 7th and 8th graders and wanted a girlfriend with boobs.

My reaction? Laughing. Of coarse it does sound a little better that he was in the 6th grade, but come on!

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