Thursday, September 25, 2008

Was He Abducted By Aliens?

Here is a picture of my bea-you-tea-ful girl at her party. We had the par-tay yesterday...I went to the kid's school and picked up a van load of 13 third and sixth grade kids. And I drove them to our church gym, where I was met by my darling husband who left work (gasp) arriving long before I came with the kids and D finished setting up the party without my asking (double gasp). The kids (17 by the time everyone arrived) played volleyball, skated, played dodge-ball, played X-Box DDR and Sponge Bob, and ate lots and lots of special junkie food that the kids picked out (pizza rolls, chips, cheese, apples, brownies, ice cream, sugar cookies, frosting, and candy toppings for the desserts. We all played hard (even D and I) and the party went by quickly. I had to take two of the kids back to school to meet their parent so D stayed behind and had the entire party cleaned up by the time I came back 15 minutes later (triple gasp).
This morning I was re-hashing the festivities with one of my friends and making the comment that D was really helpful and we had a great time (D took the kids to school this morning, too!) and lo and behold my husband calls me at work to tell me how much he appreciated all the effort I had made for the party and what a good job I had done. Was my husband abducted by aliens?

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