Monday, September 8, 2008

Head Lice, Drop Outs, and Custody, Oh My!

Today was the first day of school at work. Here is my day in a nut shell:

Child in the 4's class has head lice. Call grandma and she gets very upset with me and can't understand why the child still has lice since she washes her hair all the time. Then grandma tells me that she should'a never told me that the girl had lice a few weeks ago. I responded with the very calm statement that I would have found out anyway because we've had other children catch it now and I would have eventually found the source. Swearing. Crying. Child is picked up.

After searching for a month or more I finally have a new two's teacher. As of this morning I have had 4 children drop out of the already low attended class. In fact on Wednesdays I have ONE CHILD in the class. Help!

And, unfortunately, I had a call from a parent that has pretty much always been a thorn in my side. He asked if I could produce an attendance record, tuition statements and letter of affidavit regarding his character for him.

The day stunk!


lola said...

OH DEAR!!! I guess all that I can say is tomorrow HAS to be better! It is truly amazing that the words 'I shouda never told you she had head lice' were actually spoken out loud!

I love the picture!!

Joeffrey said...

I think no one in this entire world didn't experience head xure all of us experienced the itchy scalp....