Friday, September 12, 2008

Stuff. The Day and All.

Chloe and her "pin-up" pose.
Chloe had another play-date with her 'Man' Bucky. Here she is trying to entice her man into spending the day with her.
I spent the morning working on my class work, then went to meet with the Principle of the kids' school to talk about my certification. Mr. M was very helpful and gave me some good news. He gave me the materials for one of the required classes, said he would sign off on my classwork (which is a hugely nice thing for him to do), asked me to create a log so I could track my volunteering to count toward volunteer work that he would sign off on, and asked me to teach two classes (very scary but very cool). Mr. M asked me to teach an after-school Art club in the winter 9 weeks and an Honor Society workshop for the 7th and 8th grade honor students.
After we left school in a daze of information, excitement and nerves we stopped at church to reserve the gym for a joint birthday party for Sam and Hannah.
Upon arriving home I received a work e-mail from an absolutely psycho parent making a (pardon my candor) STUPID/unrealistic request. She is going to pull out yet another 2 from my class, making my class schedule a nightmare. I gritted my teeth and wrote her a very nice e-mail denying her request.
And the highlight of my day?! An hour long phone call from a friend telling me some upsetting news, but then falling into our easy/I've known you forever/you know all my secrets/but I haven't talked with you in months conversation. Loved it! Miss her! Love the new haircut by the way.
AND!?! Found a new blog for everyone:
(Scroll down a bit to the crayon carrier or click the sewing link and find cute stuff.)
Can anyone tell me the term, or do I need to make one up, what is the term when you are reading a blog and click their link, then another link and another and find a bunch of cool new blogs? Also for a laugh try:

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