Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lazy Day

I spent the day suffering through my cold and trying to get this paper class done and sent out of my dining room. This has been the worst day of my first cold of the season and hopefully all the PO juice and Airborne I've consumed will kick in soon and I will be back among the land of the living soon. Everyone here is having a lazy napping Saturday, even Chloe, so hopefully when the other three get the crud they won't get it as bad. H and I have watched 6 episodes on Monk while I do the paper thing and she creates her own masterpieces of hole punching, while D and Bubba have lounged in the air conditioning of the bonus room watching movies on the new TV.

This morning at breakfast Bubba spotted something moving in the grass outside the kitchen and look what we had visit us:

We fed him lettuce and peppers, which he didn't eat, then watched as he high tailed it down to the woods. This turtle hauled! I love turtles, my favorite reptile, but was soon freaking out as to what other reptiles were lurching in the un-mowed tundra of the backyard. So when D got home from his breakfast at 10:00 he mowed the grass in the 90 degree heat. No wonder he spent the day in the air conditioning.

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