Thursday, September 25, 2008


Also yesterday...H's singing group performed in front (literally as well as figuratively) of the whole school. She sings in "Praise Band" with this small group of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. Each week they lead the Chapel singing, but yesterday they performed at "See you at the Pole." I am quite amazed that she does these things and feels perfectly comfortable. Next week we (all four) are going to Washington DC with H's class for a field trip. We leave Thursday at 5:00 am (yikes!) and travel to DC, spend the day on tour, spend the night in a hotel, then tour again on Friday all day, then the rest of the class will go home and the four of us will stay the weekend and visit friends in Havre de Grace, MD (which I keep calling Huevos Racheros because I can't remember what the silly city is called).

Hopefully, too, which is really lame of me, we will also be able to visit IKEA since ours doesn't come until Spring '09, and I am Jonesen.

But I digress...we get to go to the Washington Monument with the class as well as a private tour of the Capitol Building! While H is on the rest of the tours, Bubba, D and I will go do a Smithsonian or two and the National Gallery. I can't wait!!!

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