Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Three How To's...for the strange

My sister reminded me today about the web-site I get the "Craft" magazine and this is the site attached to the magazine. The magazine is very weird, but very cool/funky and covers every type of crafting, for instance the first magazine I received had a pattern on how to knit a "crime scene" scarf. When I checked out the site this afternoon I came across these two little gems: LED booties

almost, yes almost, makes me baby crazy enough to want another kid...but practically speaking give me a break! Lite up booties? MAYBE for a Halloween costume. I may have to make the pattern to see how crazy hard they are.

and of coarse the mandatory beer sweater:

which I have to admit I was thinking the actual sweater was for a human NOT a beer. Very funny. Not necessarily for beer. I wonder if you could make it for your water bottle? In your alma mater (sp?) colors?

Then there is the fruit cozies:
that I just have to say what the heck???

Maybe for those Minnesotan kids
that take fresh (ha ha) fruit to school
in January?? Who on earth would spend time kitting things for your fruit?
No thanks!

All the tutorials are on the site if you are so inclined.

AND BTW I went to the dreaded Mart of Wal today and broke down and bought a wireless router of my very own -only to read Jennifer's offer after I had installed the stupid thing. Oh well. It was only $35 and right now I am thinking that spending $35 was frivolous and wonderful.
Thanks for the offer Jennifer! Ironically I have been checking Craigslist and Goodwill for a router for two weeks and as soon as I post my request, it is answered.

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Jennifer said...

I don't knit but I would love a couple of those for apples so the kids could carry them in lunches without bruising them all up. And make sure you post what you made with the tiles -- I love them!