Friday, August 29, 2008


I have decided that a perfect month for me would be: to do a little research (or dig through all my crap and find the stuff I've squirreled away) and find a bunch of crafts/sewing/DIY projects and sit down with ALL the supplies at an arms length and Do.
I have had a bunch of time this week, the week before work officially begins, and have been doing stuff. I LOVE it. Watch videos or listen to books on tape and Do.
Here is one of my projects for the week......................................
they are scrabble tiles that look like real ceramic tile with a little scrap booking paper and special (pain in the butt, hard to find, call 4 different stores) glue. I am now going to drill some holes or glue some jewelry findings to them and make necklaces and other stuff.
My latest favorite blog is called "Folding Trees." If you are into any type of craft, go there and I promise you will be inspired and wish you had months to do some of their projects. Search around their site and look at all the cool stuff! And I LOVE the fact that unlike all the other get rich quick people on planet Earth, like myself, the projects are all free and all the instructions are there or linked. Thank you Folding Trees!

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