Saturday, September 6, 2008

This is going to be a LONG one...

First, I gave up on my search and broke down and ordered a replacement charger online yesterday. So for now I am stuck using H's camera. After seeing the quality of her pictures and with her impending birthday, it makes me want to replace hers, but alas her heart is set on a DS and I already have all her other shopping done.

As if it were Christmas in September my Sister sent us one of her "hug the UPS man because it is so cool" packages late this week. Of coarse when my kids see the return address they stop everything, as do I, and proceed to rip it open. Inside among the wrappings were: some fabric that I guess was once my grandmothers (very cool heavy duck cloth which I can't wait to make into something), a towel rack that was my great grandmothers (also very cool and I'm trying to decide were to hang it), hand me down clothes for H (which she has worn exclusively since opening the box, even tho' a belt is needed for the bottoms), and some hand made gifts from her with pictures from our last visit including:

this is Bubba's feet and there are delicate, perfectly written words to describe things we did on our visit in gold around the outside with things from the beach we were on. Everyone I have shown this too thinks it is a super cute fun way to document a trip. Here is H's frame:

Isn't Laura crafty? I am trying to get her to blog and I think her first thing on her blog should be the how to for these. I would even set up her blog for her so all she had to do was post???? :) She also made me a paper exploding box with pictures from our trip. It is AWESOME. The camera wouldn't take a good picture though. She's going to HAVE to post those directions.

On another note here is a picture of Chloe being tortured by H. H was getting happy with the label maker yesterday and punched in the word PABLO and stuck it on Chloe's head. Chloe walked around all night with that thing on her head! It was pretty funny. Before my camera broke I was going to blog about and have pictures of Chloe and her scratching. Not things. Herself. She is driving me crazy with the scratching. And I think it may be my fault she's scratching. She started do it then I treated her with Advantix, she didn't stop so I bathed her in flea shampoo, then I shaved her, then I re-bathed her and re-applied the Advantix, all in the course of a week or two. Now I think the poor thing may be scratching because her skin is so dry. I just can't stand the thought of fleas in the house. I know. I am weird.

My crafting Friday. I decided to mix it up a little. Stop the sewing for a week or so. So I looked thru my files and found a magazine page that I had cut out recently, and started in on my kid portraits. These are NOT ORIGINAL. I totally scammed the idea and pretty much the paintings off this artist, I just liked the style. So here are my versions made with $12.00 worth of canvas from Michaels and $4.00 worth of acrylics...
They turned out okay. I like them but I doubt I will hang them in the foyer to my house. Maybe in the kids bathroom? Linen closet? I don't know.
So now my kids are playing outside (note the hand me down money pj's) tail end of "Hurricane Hanna." They are wet and loving it. We got 3 -4" of rain and it has been windy, but no other worries. They have closed the airport and a few street, and power is out for about 400, but otherwise pretty mild.

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Jennifer said...

The frames are great but I LOVE the portraits. Totally cool. Where did you get the idea? Link, please.