Monday, September 15, 2008

Cruelty to Animals

Chloe is so humiliated in this picture that she won't even look at the camera. Or me. After asking my children their opinion on great birthday theme after theme (such as a "backward" party where everything is backward-streamers on the floor, cake upside down, singing song backwards...) they decided on NOTHING. So I decided to torture the dog and make their invites from scratch. So I took a pic of Chloe for the front, a picture of H & Bubba on the inside being goofy, and added some funny text to the inside: "my two smaller humans are having a birthday party..." and called it good.

On a crazier note, today was school picture day. Yesterday I realized that my darling H hadn't washed her hair for...lets just say we can't remember the last I encouraged her to bathe. This morning. Before school. As she was sudsing her hair I realized that I did not have a hair dryer in the house. I lent it to VBS in July and had completely forgotten about it. Yikes! Wet hair. T minus 30 minutes. We went for the pig tailed (her idea) idea with hot roller'd tails to dry and curl the 'do.

A friend of mine was "helping" the photographer at school today (the same friend that co-directed VBS with me this year and made me give up my hairdryer!). She called me this afternoon to tell me that she was overseeing H's picture session when my friend went to fix her pig tail and H shouted "No! My Mom will kill me if anyone touches my hair." Good girl H!!!
I had given her strict instructions not to let anyone comb thru her hair sprayed hot rollery curls because I knew they would collapse in their crunchy state when combed. We made it!!!

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